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Prenuptial Agreement in Seattle

Our Seattle Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys Can Help You Take Precautions With Your Assets

Sometimes the idealism of a wedding day gives way to the pain of problems that can't be overcome, so it's important to fully understand the implications of a divorce before getting married. Even the strongest marriages can fail, so for people who own significant assets, a prenuptial agreement offers a legal means to protect assets before saying, "I do." If you would like to find out more about how you may be able to legally protect your premarital assets, our Seattle prenuptial agreement lawyers can help.

Prenuptial agreements are widely misunderstood, much of which has to do with how they are portrayed on television and in the movies. Our experienced Seattle family law attorneys will help you understand how these contracts actually work, and what the law requires from them.

To begin with, every prenuptial agreement must be fair and balanced, which requires the legal knowledge of experienced King County prenuptial agreement attorneys who understand what Washington means by this requirement. If your prenuptial agreement fails to reveal all of the facts concerning your assets, or only considers your personal interests, the Washington court will likely render the contract void if the day comes that it needs to be enforced.

Our Seattle prenuptial agreement lawyers understand that you require a contract that the court will recognize as valid. With more than 50 years of combined experience crafting prenuptial agreements in Seattle, we understand how this process works, and what the court requires from these contracts.

If you're planning your wedding day, get professional legal guidance from one of our experienced Seattle family law attorneys. Protect your assets now, or you could end up regretting it in the future.

Is it wise to sign a prenuptial agreement?

If you get all of your information about prenuptial agreement from television and the movies, you probably have a lot of misconceptions on the topic. Most people are unaware how common prenuptial agreements are, and you may want to consider signing one for a variety of reasons.

If one partner is bringing significant debt into the marriage, a prenuptial agreement protects the other partner from acquiring that debt if the marriage fails. If you own valuable personal property that you want to protect in case the marriage doesn't go as planned, a prenuptial agreement can protect it.

In the movies, you often see prenuptial agreements signed when one partner is much wealthier than another partner, and this is about the only time they're portrayed accurately. Couples who have been previously married or have children with other partners may also choose to sign a prenuptial agreement.

While you are perfectly free to include provisions for child custody and support in your prenuptial agreement, there are no legal provisions to make it binding. The Washington Court will act in the best interests of the child no matter what's included in a prenup, and support will be calculated according to established protocols. If you have any more questions about prenups, contact a Seattle prenuptial agreement lawyer today.

Contact Our Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers In Seattle Today For More Information

The qualified litigators from the Washington Family Law Group will explain various methods for creating a prenuptial agreement that is customized to your goals and financial situation. We will seek to minimize potential problems that could arise with the contract if a divorce proves unavoidable and you have to use the agreement in court.

Our Seattle family law attorneys will thoroughly detail which party controls every asset, and then help you delineate how those assets will be shared with your spouse as your marriage matures over time. This is a realistic approach to crafting a prenuptial agreement, and it gives your contract a far better chance of being recognized by the court than if you fail to follow these guidelines.

Schedule your own free consultation with one of our Washington State prenuptial agreement lawyers today. We can discuss your current financial situation and provide you with more details about the process. You will then be able to use that knowledge for the purpose of deciding whether pursuing a prenuptial agreement is wise for you.

Our Seattle prenuptial agreement attorneys will use their extensive knowledge of the law to help you craft a legally binding contract that has the best chance of being enforceable at a future date. Contact our Seattle law office today and find out how you can protect the assets you've worked hard to obtain.

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